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2021-12-14 22:40:16 By : Ms. Joy Tang

Although we have entered the winter, the time to find the next pair of sunglasses is never wrong. Yes, they are definitely more common in the warmer months of the year, but for us fashion girls, a pair of beautiful sunglasses will stay in the rotation because they are the cherry on any outfit. Also, who knows when you will start your next tropical journey-you will never be fully prepared. 

We are here to introduce you to the latest and hottest version of Warby Parker, which also happens to be a collaborative design project with actress Rosario Dawson. In addition to Dawson's continuing film career, she is also the co-founder of the fashion brand Studio 189, a fashion brand that produces and creates African-style clothing in Africa. Since launching the brand in 2013, Studio 189 has received awards and honors from the CFDA and continues to create beautiful designs, so in terms of style, it is safe to say that Dawson will lead us in the right direction.

The latest version of Warby Parker is actually a relaunch of the limited edition they had collaborated with Dawson last time, and it was sold out immediately, but this time Studio 189 was mixed together in a loop, and they introduced two new colors. Obviously, these new styles made their debut at Studio 189's final fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Loading player...

These "Essex" sunglasses are designed with round frames and light-colored lenses. Limited-edition fuchsia frames with purple gradient lenses and forest green frames with rose gradient lenses. However, one of the best parts is that Studio 189 adds to its cultural flavor by designing a reversible lens cloth produced in Ghana using a traditional dyeing technique called manual batik. The back is decorated with charming repeating green triangles that pay homage to the patterned freedom blanket of the Underground Railway, while the front is a pink and purple parade inspired by the celebrations of the Ghanaian fancy dress ball.

Rosario Dawson x Warby Parker is now available in selected Warby Parker stores and

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