What your sunglasses say about you

2021-12-08 06:19:42 By : Ms. Summer Wang

The right frame will define your appearance in the best way.

Regardless of the season, sunglasses are essential everyday accessories. Because although yes, a pair of shades will serve the functional purpose of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, they also define your style. Although the range of shapes and styles can be dizzying, there is one guiding principle that applies to any tailoring path: stay true to yourself. Below are the four iconic sunglasses styles from Cole Haan, and their most suitable personalities.

If your perfect Saturday includes flipping through second-hand vinyl records and perusing the bookshelves of second-hand bookstores before checking out the latest natural wine bar, then you will feel like you are the best you are in Tapered Round Sunglasses. The retro-style retro mirror frames are decorated with metal, truly returning to the counterculture of the 1960s. Pair them with clean white T-shirts, popular jeans and mohair cardigans for a classic and modern look. Although the styling is inspired by the past, the polarized lenses use the latest anti-glare and UV protection technology.

The boundary between sportswear and everyday casual wear is not blurry for you, because it does not exist. You are always ready for 10K, playing football or hiking in the park. Just because you always play games for sweating does not mean you lack the style department. These matte square sunglasses blend sports casual style with retro sports gear and streetwear. They feature a smooth, infused lightweight frame and polarized lenses that don’t need to be replaced when you’re active. Put on these shoes in the morning, from brunch to bouldering, and any other activities.

Your passport is dog-eared and it is full of stamps. Your bar is always stocked with fresh supplies from duty-free shops, and your suitcase is rarely opened. Whether it is for business or leisure, straight top sunglasses are the first choice for travelers who like to maintain a sense of mystery. Slightly oversized rectangular shapes with rounded corners, these shades provide extra protection, perfect for sipping an espresso in a sunny square or catching zzz's in an airport lounge between flights.

Every piece of furniture in your home has its own Wikipedia page. You have considered flying to Europe to buy an old-fashioned side chair for yourself. Your coffee making process follows scientific procedures. These Angular round sunglasses are well thought out but are effortlessly cool, following the spirit of little but fine design that you follow. The hexagonal shape-made of light and strong metal-is the perfect minimalist complement to a personalized designer pattern top. Or, use your sunglasses to create a monochrome version for a quirky designer look.