Why sunglasses are the perfect gift | Who wears what

2021-12-08 06:19:24 By : Ms. Fang Wang

Up to now, I hope that we have all done our due research on giving gifts for the holidays. We can do better than gift cards, and we hear mothers not very cleverly suggesting that they want a new accessory during Thanksgiving dinner. In Who What Wear, in order to be the best gift giver this year, we have been taking notes. Fortunately, our editors have been conducting their A-game gifting throughout the season, searching for the best things on the Internet to share with you .

All our editors agree that the one item that will be the perfect gift this season is a new pair of sunglasses. Sunglass Hut and Coach have launched a series that can check all the boxes of anyone on the list, regardless of their style. Whether you are a mom for a style setter or like classic SO shopping, you can't go wrong. See what our editor has chosen here.

"When buying sunglasses for myself, I am bored and choose a pure black pair. However, I do like to provide people with more fashionable options, such as these aviator frames inspired by the millennium bug. They are warm and mature enough to wear. Many times, but they still have that touch, making them a unique gift for fashion lovers in your life."

“I’m from Florida, so sunglasses have always been a must-have in my wardrobe. It’s not uncommon for me to give them to friends and family during the holidays. This tortoiseshell pattern is classic and easy to match. I can put them on Give this oversized pair of shoes to anyone in my family and they can seamlessly integrate them into their everyday style."

“Buying gifts for others, especially fashion gifts, can be tricky. After all, style is personal. But some fashion items are easier to give than others, and a pair of sunglasses is one of them. These silver pilots are “especially worthy of gifts, because They are simple and noble. I mean, come on. After the first heavy snow and dazzling white snow of the season, why would anyone not want to wear these? "

"Anyone who likes pop colors will be happy to open this blush Coach sunglasses. Customized pink acetate makes them feel very luxurious, more unique than classic tortoiseshell or black frames. In addition, the soft tones make them now The perfect accessory to buy and wear directly into spring and summer."