Stylish gifts for fashionable friends

2021-12-14 22:45:32 By : Ms. Judy Hunag

In The Know Style editor, Julia has selected some popular gifts that fashion friends will definitely like.

The episode In The Know Live: Style originally aired on December 8, 2021.

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Julia Weber: Hey, guys. Welcome back to "In the Know Live, Style". This is Julia. Thank you very much for listening.

So now there are only a few weeks away from the holiday, and I am very happy to share some of my favorite gifts with you today. Since this show is all about style, today's gift will be the gift you should give to your most fashionable friends. My choice starts at about $30 and the highest is about $230. Therefore, no matter your budget, everyone can find something that suits them.

But let's get a deeper understanding. As always, if you want to buy any gift I shared with you today, you can buy it directly here or click the link below. First, we have italic cashmere ribbed cuff gloves. Now, is there anything more luxurious than cashmere? I do not think so.

These gloves are really a treat. They are made of 100% No. 7 cashmere and cost only $30. Really stealing. These gloves hit the wrist just right. They have a very cute cuff, so you can put it on a sweater or tuck it into a jacket.

They are very small, very very chic. But what I like most about these gloves is that they actually have fingertips compatible with touch screens. So if you don’t want to take off your gloves when you’re out and have to text or answer calls or like Instagram, then these are definitely for you.

In addition, the little fingertips are very delicate. They are not neon lights or dark black or similar things. They are very subtle, so you don’t need to pay too much attention to it, but you can definitely avoid having to tear off those gloves when using your phone, for which I am very grateful.

In addition, these gloves are available in five different colors, but I personally like light blue. I think this is a very popular color. But you can also use standard black or red to grab them, and so on. So I think this is a great gift for anyone, really, like your mother, your sister, your friends, or even your colleagues. But I think anyone who opens these will be impressed.

Now, the second gift is Szade Seidler sunglasses. Now, if you have not heard of Szade, it is an Australian sunglasses brand that uses recycled sunglasses you can guess to make sunglasses. It's pretty cool.

Now, this frame is only 64.95. I also like Szade because they use sustainable practices when producing these sunglasses. So they try to minimize waste, they recycle materials as much as possible, and the surroundings are very environmentally friendly. We like this. They also produced a large number of other unisex styles.

Therefore, if you don’t like this particular style, there are eight different frames to choose from, and they all come in many different colors. I personally like this framework. It has a great square shape. Lenses also help reduce sun glare, but you can also choose black and the other two tortoise shell colors.

But personally, I don't have such a thing. I like its clarity, a bit like a peach color. To be honest, they are different from all my other sunglasses. I have a feeling, which is why they make a great and unique gift.

I have never seen such a person in real life. But for a great environmentally friendly brand, the price is less than $70, I mean, this is a total victory. Once again, they are environmentally friendly. I just think this is a very memorable gift, and it's less than $75. Maybe I will even throw these into the gift exchange at work or even the secret Santa exchange, because they are unisex. So really, another great purchase here.

The third gift is the Calpak jewelry box. Now, this jewelry box sells for $85. With all holiday travel coming, this gift is very practical but very useful and will definitely be appreciated.

I don't know you, but I hate to open my packaged jewels, the necklaces are all tangled together, or I can't find all my earrings. They are just a bunch. This is so frustrating, especially if you have to prepare quickly. So this suitcase will definitely help you be organized, or may help that unorganized friend tidy up a bit.

But this case is made of artificial leather and suede, and has a zipper opening, so it looks very small from the outside. But inside, it has snaps to hold all your rings and necklaces, and a 28-hole earring card that you can actually take out and put back in. It's very easy to use, and it has a very large drawstring bag. So this is where you want to put in a personalized necklace or larger hoop earrings.

I also like this thing very much. Although this thing can hold a lot of things, it is not too much. This is actually suitable for my wallet or your carry-on. But it does come in blue, brown, pink, cream and camel, but black is my choice. I think it is so classic, people will have it in the next few years. And I like the idea because they will use it for many years, and they may think of you every time they use it. Again, this is $85, so it is up in price point, but still below 100, it is definitely a worthwhile choice.

Now the fourth item is Gola Classics Women's Grand Slam Lizard Sneakers. This pair of sneakers sells for $100. I think I know that no one can't use a new pair of sneakers during the holidays. Gola is so cute. They are British brands.

I actually have a pair of Gola sneakers, and when I tell you they didn't spend any time breaking in, I was serious. I don't mean that it takes an hour or a day to break them. They are very comfortable since I put them on my feet for the first time. I was stunned. I have been praising them since then, but, seriously, they may be the most comfortable sneakers I have, which explains a lot, because I definitely have a lot of white sneakers.

Although I like my white sneakers very much, I think this pink version is too cool. You can wear it all year round, as long as it doesn't snow. The golden accent is very interesting and unique. These shoes can match many things, but they are also unique. They have a little advantage, which I like. And, of course, they are covered with lizard prints, which is very interesting.

In addition, 100 dollars, these are really great. Sports shoes can go there. Again, although these are 100 dollars, trust me when I tell you how comfortable they are. They are worth every penny. Gola also designs styles for men, as well as vegan styles. So be sure to go to their website to see what they have.

Finally, we have ParrishLA Papa navy blue sweater. This sweater sells for $228, which is my big deal that day. But if you are not familiar with the brand ParrishLA, it is a brand owned by women founded by Lauren Parrish Walker. They just mainly make gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous sweaters. They also sell very comfortable pants and scarves, but sweaters are definitely where it is.

This sweater is particularly eye-catching to me because the polo style is back. If you haven't seen them on Instagram, you will definitely see them. You may have seen them when you do holiday shopping online, but the polo style is back.

I like that this one is a bit oversized. This is a dizzying style, so it is easy to put on and take off. It is also very suitable for layering. I will wear this alone with jeans. Or on those very cold days, I would wear it on a turtleneck sweater just to add a little warmth. It looks so warm and it is a cotton and wool blend, so it will definitely keep you warm.

Now, again, it's very simple, but I think it can come in many different styles, 228 dollars, which is a kind of splurge, but no matter who receives it, or you might keep this for yourself, there will be some future year. I just like everything about this brand.

They are really all about the family and very high-quality products, so we appreciate this as always. That's it, guys. The above are the fashionable gifts I selected for you today. See you in the next issue. I’m Julia Webb, and this is "In The Know Live, Style".

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